Big Bale is loaded on either usual or heat-treaded wooden pallet with measures 1.05 x 1.14 m. Height, including the pallet is up to 2.4 meters.

Into 40hc container we load 22 bales, total 132 m3 of compressed peat and into 45hc 24 pallets with 144 m3 of compressed peat.

Containers are delivered to Muuga (Tallinn) container terminal by weekly container train (on the photo).

With road transport, 24 Big Bales are loaded into a trailer, containing up to 144 m3 of compressed peat.

The amount of small packages is depending on the package size. Into container we fit 24 pallets, 432 packages of 300-330 liter bags; 28 pallets, 504 packages of 250-270 liter bags, 30 pallets, 630 packages of 225-235 liter bags.

Into a trailer, 26 pallets, 468 bags of 300-330 liter; 33 pallets, 594 bags of 250-270 liter; 33 pallets, 693 bags of 225-235 liters.

In Estonia we also deliver peat loose-loaded on the semi-trailer, containing 92 m3 of peat.

Different possible incoterms are possible for sea- and road logistics, depending on the preferences of the customer. Usually HansaPeat arranges all necessary documentation (Phyto certificate, customs formalities, certificate of origin, waybills) and delivers them to final destination.

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