During the production process we screen the raw peat, harvested and collected from several Estonian peat-bogs, into different fractions and adjust the pH-level if required by the customer.

In order to optimise the volumetric weight for transportation, we then press the peat into Big Bales and load the packages on pallets. Pallets with Bales are therafter loaded into sea container or truck for deliveries to our worldwide customers.

Into 40’ high cube container and to the truck we load 22 and 24 pallets respectively.

Natural and Ph-adjusted peat

HansaPeat Big-Bale,
up to 6 m3

We load 22 Big-Bales to the sea container (40’HC)
and 24 Big-Bales to the tent truck

Selection of different fractions that we offer either in Big Bales or bulk, also samples how they could be used

White peat 0-6 mm

White peat 0-40 mm

White peat 0-10 mm

White peat 10-40 mm

White peat 0-20 mm

HPWH 20 – 40 mm

Chemical characteristics of white peat:

Degree of decomposition: H3

Water holding capacity % d.m: 603

Electrical conductivity µS/cm: 22,3

Bulk density, kg/l: 0,18

pHh2o: 3,7 – 4,2

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